How to save and play movies on My Passport/ipad?


I´m a new user and have some problems saving movies from my Mac to the Passport and then being able to play them via iPad.
I have dragged and dropped the movies from my Mac - but cannot play them from my iPad! Is there a special format in which I should save movies??

And how do I take e.g. a DVD and then save it on my Mac/Passport??

Hoping to get some good advices so I can bring the passport on my vacation - watching som good movies! :slight_smile:

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What player are you using on the iPad and what’s the format of the files?

Check online on how to save dvd files to your computer, you might be able to get a tutorial on that.

For how to do this you will need to check, as suggested, by googling for tutorials.
You also need to know that movies downloaded from the Apple store and on you Mac cannot play if copied to an external drive, including a passport wireless. Apple prevents this from happening.

Also, purchased DVDs cannot be directly copied to a drive; special processing must take place first. It can all be a bit complicated for a novice, and not something to rush into before leaving on a vacation…

I believe you can copy Apple movies to an iPad for later viewing, and this is your best recourse assuming you have available memory storage on you iPad… Refer to Apple’s instructions for doing so.

I use Handbrake (free) to convert movies to iPad -format. To watch on iPad i use the app Infuse. Works like a charm.