Unable play on Apple TV when playing videos from on My Passport on iPad

Although I am able to successfully play videos on my iPad from my My Passport Wireless I haven’t able to get them to play on my Apple TV in either mirror or non mirror mode. Anybody else have this problem? All works fine with my wired server but not with My Passport Wireless.

You will be glad to know there is a solution.  The reason your iPad cannot send the MPW videos to your Apple TV is because they are each on a different network.  Your Apple TV is on your home network and when the MPW is in direct connect mode it has it’s own network (called “MyPassport”) and if your iPad is connected to the MPW, it, too, is on the MyPassport network.

You need to get them all on the same network – your home network.  The MPW is made to do this, and you do it through the MPW dashboard via the web browser by finding your home network, tell MPW to connect to it, give the password for your network and you are all set up!

All of this is explained in the complete user guide you can download from the MPW support site, and it may even be on your MPW in a folder.  I don’t have time or space here to type in all the steps, so you are going to have to take it from here and do some reading.

Once your MPW is on your home network, the MyPassport wireless signal will disappear in a few minutes and you will access it from your iPad by it being on your network, too.  For home use, this is so much better than direct connect, and my own MPW is constantly connected to the home network so that ALL my tablets and phones and my WDTV media player (similar to an Apple TV) can access it from anywhere in the house using various apps and such.  If you want to take the MPW with you, turn it off, go across country with it, it will send out the MyPassport signal when you turn it on, and when you get back home with it and turn it on, it finds your home network and you are back in business on the network again. 

Here are some tips for using the MPW on the home network:

  1. place is right next to your router if possible  – the closer the better for best wireless connection, and

  2. keep it plugged into its AC power adapter so it is always fully charged.

3) the MPW connects to the router’s 2.4G signal, and if you have a dual-band router, you can connect your iPad to your network’s 5G signal because it is faster and things will work better (less stalling or none at all).  All your devices are still on the home network, and that’s what matters.

BTW, the reason your iPad (and mine) can not mirror the screen is because an iPad does not play well with non-Apple devices streaming video to it under these conditions.  It doesn’t matter now, because your MPW will be on your network along with your other devices.

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I didn’t read all your post I will…meanwhile I did get it to work the other day. On heavier file I needed to put the server in Performance Mode. It seems this issue is solved. Thank-you. 

OK, let me know if you sill have issues

I keep my MPW in performance mode all the time, because I keep it plugged into its power supply 24/7, unless I am truly using it as a portable unit.

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