Download files off drive

Hi folks,

Apologies if this has already been covered.
I’ve just bought a 2gb MyPassport Wireless. I own a 128gb iPad, and use it when offshore to watch movies. I generally fill the iPad up with MKV’s, and play them in my chosen media player. I have a simple app called “Downloads” which is a download manager, but also has a media player. Previously I’ve been able to download films off my NAS at home, and watch them using this app.

On my last trip, I ran out of things to watch… and had very limited internet access.

My idea was to take the WD drive full of films with me, and when I’d watched all the ones on the iPad, I could delete them and transfer them from the WD drive. Obviously downloading them onto the iPad would take 10 mins each rather than streaming them for 2+ hours at a time, so would make the battery much more useful.
I hoped I could just log into the WD drive using a web browser, and simply select a file and download it. Is there any way I can do this?

Many thanks…

Quickest way to fill your My Passport Wireless is via USB3.0 and transfer your files from your PC/Mac to it

Thanks for the reply…
I’m filling the Passport from my NAS box using USB3 - but I need to transfer the files to the iPad via WiFi when I’m offshore because I don’t have a computer with me.
If I was to do it via USB, there would have been little point in buying a wireless HD!

why ? if you’ve filled your 2TB My Passport Wireless with Movies … just stream / watch them on your iPad (enable Direct Connection on your My Passport Wireless)

There’s no need to “Transfer” them to the iPad to watch them :neutral_face:

Thanks for replying again.
I have 2 reasons for needing to transfer them…

  1. The poor 6 hour battery life (5 in real life) means I can only stream 2 or 3 films before it dies. If I copy them onto the iPad, it only uses about 5-10 mins of battery life per film.

  2. You can’t use WiFi streaming on an airplane. I can put some films on the iPad in the check in lounge, and then watch them on the plane directly off the iPad (in flight safe mode :smiley: ).

I’ve actually found the answer out for myself. I bought the Pro version of PlayerXtreme from the App Store. It connects to the WD Drive and gives me the option to stream or download the file. Once downloaded it stays in the App until I manually delete it. Problem solved!