Won't play movie files over network

I have connected the WD to my home network. I am able to connect to my pc and any external media drives. I can bring up all the movie files but when I go to play them I just get that annoying spinning circle but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

What version of firmware are you on, and which files have you tried playing?

I just purchase a brand new WD TV Live plus and I’m having the same issue.  Purchase brand new unit last night.  Hooked it up to my HDTV, using HDMI (with audio passthough) and to my GB network using a wired connection.  I can see my networked computers, I can see files, pictures, music.  However, no matter what type of video file (.m2ts, .mkv, .avi, .wmv, etc) I tried to load the screen just shows a spinning blue circle.  So I gave up on video and moved on to audio.  Tried to load a 4mb .mp3 and same thing.  Tried a few other .mp3s, no luck.  So I decided to move on to internet media.  Went to YouTube, it loaded up descriptions of lots of movies, picked one at random, nothing.  Pick another at random, nothing.  Tried another, recieved a warning that the video wasn’t playable on a media streaming device, some copy right issue.  Fine, moved on to another video, still nothing.  Don’t understand.

Firmware 4.014 (or something like that), don’t have the unit in front of me as I make this post.  I got a 1 year direct replacement warranty with it, I think I’ll try replacing the unit and see if that helps.

Sorry, firmware 1.04 something, not 4.014.  Firmware requested to be updated upon first plug in, so I let it do it’s thing, it should have been the newest one as far as I know.   Maybe I’m not doing it right as it seems there are lots of options with this little device but everything I tried would not result in anything being played… besides pictures. 

Try resetting the unit via the side paperclip button. Press for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up.

Has the latest firmware. has the same problem as Ultimate HTE explained.

Reset helped thanks!  It seems I’ve determined the problem.  I have PS3 media server running and when I try to access a video through the PS3 media server it hangs the system and won’t load any video or other media until I reset the box.