Not capable of playing video via network

I have a strange problem. I’ve had the WD live for about a week now and all was well until yesterday.

i’ve got the following setup:

de WD tv Live is connected via cable to a 54mbps wireless router. The windows 7 machine which holds the network share is connected via the wifi connection.

Since yesterday i am not able to stream any 720p content via the network, when i start a movie or other video file the “waiting circle” just keeps going and that is it. nothing else happens.

Is this because something is wrong with my network or can it be a problem with the WD live?

Check the MediaInfo of the files.  I’d bet you’ve encoded them with header compression turned on.  What version of mkvmerge are you using?

ok, you will have to explain that to me :wink:

I haven’t encoded anything, i just got the files like this. They are MKV files though

That’s what happens with INTERNET ■■■■.

Go download the Matroska Toolkit

You will need the MKVInfo utility.

Look at EVERY MKV you’ve tried to play using that tool, and look for lines that say “Header Removal.”

If you find any, you’ll need to fix them by running MKVMerge and setting COMPRESSION to NONE on ALL tracks, and remux the files.

You guys are lifesavers!

It seems to be working properly now :slight_smile:

The only problem i have know that after a while the image studders and i lose audio, but this is probably because of the fact that 54mbit/s wireless connection is not capable of streaming HD content?

Ok … not yet.

I got one of the files working … once.

When i tried to play the same file again, the problem reoccured

When i restart the device, the file can be played again … but only once … so i need to reset my device every time

Yeah, G-Wireless isn’t going to work well with HD material.

The same thing is happening to me but I am not via wireless. This thing worked flawless for about 4 months now its being a pain in the @ss. Anyone have a fix for this problem?

The other day I was watching robin hood on it now im getting the circle non stop.