Live streaming problems!

I am using WD My Book Live 2TB (NAS) for 1 week now and have problems with some DVD films streaming.

I am using the WD TV Live as my streaming device to watch films. After couple of minutes (10 min.or so) the film starts to freeze/falter and got the same problem with some .avi files.

The DVD/.avi files are complete, as i have checked on my external drive (My Passport).

Streaming with .mkv files, both systems are working fine, no problem at all.

During streaming problem, the LAN traffic is not in use heavily!. Most of the time its only streaming films from NAS.

i thought by using only WD devices, the devices should work many times better, but i guess i was wrong!

Can someone help me out with this problem?

Does it happen while streaming using network shares or media server (Twonky)? Is your network wired or wireless?

I have the same problem with my WDTV Live Plus. (Latest firmware)

All my MKV videos stream fine (720p & 1080p).   But every 720p/1080p AVI i have are not watchable.  They start out fine but within minutes the sound stops and video shutters.

I access all my videos via the network share option.  They are shared from a 1TB WD Green HD.  PC is a Core2 Duo /w 8GB ram running Win7 64bit Ent and the PC / WDTV are connected via a non-managed gig switch.

I cant see it being a bandwidth issue as the 1080p MKV all work fine.

EditAfter doing some more digging, I found out it seems to be a common issues with a lot of AVI’s.   Going to use Handbrake and try a recode to see how it works out.