Wireless pro 1tb out of box not working

Hi all,

Today I purchased a my passport wireless pro 1TB, and straight out of the box I cannot seem to connect to the WIFI, it doesn’t seem to broadcast a wifi signal at all, even though the wifi LED light flashes to indicate that it is broadcasting. All LED’s seem to flash after 30-60 seconds of the unit being switched on. I took it back to the store and got a replacement, and the replacement unit seems to do exactly the same thing. When I try and connect it to my win7 and win10 computers, even though the driver has been installed successfully, it won’t show up in my computer as a mass storage device.
any ideas?


Please contact the WD Support team directly regarding this.

If MPW is emitting a wireless signal, you should be able to see it if you look at wi-fi settings in a phone or tablet. If so, can you connect to it via the instructions.?

No it does not emit a wireless signal, tried using iPhone, iPad and my laptop. I’ll take the replacement unit back and try another replacement from another store. 3rd time lucky? I’m a bit weary on buying WD products now after 2 unit failures straight out of the box

Why not wait until you talks to WD Support to see if they can help. It is highly unlikely yo got two lemons. The possibility is something else is amiss.


Have you contacted support?
If not, please do

Yes I have contacted WD Support, just awaiting their response.

Hi same here these are garbage - all lights flashing straight out of box and won’t show up on WiFi network - I’m not risking it and getting a refund

Wow, same here, I got 4 (you read that right, I’m stubborn, FOUR) replacements,

Literally every single on was DOA

The guy from the last store I bought one said they get these returned all. The. Time. And WD doesn’t take them back because they claim the drive works.

The store I bought this from showed me how almost every box of these they have in stock, has been opened and returned, all with the exact same issue

This is honestly disgraceful and has completely killed my appreciation for WD. I used to swear by these drives but now my trust has been shattered, I will not be buying WD anymore in my lifetime.

Good riddance