Wifi wireless not working

the wireless led doesnt flash when on. its not transmitting to my ipad or computer

It’s not supposed to flash unless you’re in the middle of a firmware update or doing WPS pairing.

Is it glowing blue – look carefully, because it is not supposed to be real bright.  If battery is full ands wifi is on both lights are blue.  Get out of bright light if necessary to see LEDs better.

I had to RMA mine.  Even though the LED shows wireless is up and running I can no longer find it as a network to connect to when I look in available networks.  Have reset it multiple times and WD support could not figure it out either and so an RMA. Also, I need to add that in the user guide that discusses the wireless functions, while my passport was working, I found none of those such options such as “switch network” or the hotspot/home options to click on.  Maybge the user guide is dated and was for an older version of firmware, otherwise while wireless did work I was able to make all the type of connections discussed, but not in the manner in which the user guide says it is done.  I think in the end, unless firmware to come improves the drive, I could be as disppointed as others.

Lots of us have working models so don’t get too discouraged.

Shipped my drive back to WD today for a cost of $12.48 so that now puts the cost of my purchase to $232.47.    Hope I don’t have to do too many RMAs.  WD support tells me they will ship to me a new drive, I was concerned they would send me a refrubished drive which would be bad cause I did not even have my drive for a week before it went south!

Too bad you did not return it to where you purchased it from.  That’s what I would have done if I only had one for only a week

I sitll would have had to pay the same shipping.  Otherwise I did consider that. 


Did your problem resolve? I am facing the same issue and can’t figure out what to do. If you solve the issue, please share.


Yes, the new replacement WD sent to me resolved the issue.