Wireless issue or product?

I have a WD TV Live Plus HD media player that arrived a few days ago from an online store and I seem to be having trouble connecting it to the internet wirelessly. I first connected it to the internet through a wired cable and updated it through there and had no problems. But I then decided it would be better if it accessed the internet wirelessly so we plugged in our Belkin Wireless USB Adapter ( Model # F7D4101 ) on the side of the media player. Went to Network Settings , Network Set-up , and on the manual it said to select Wireless but there was only an Automatic and Manual button to be selected on the screen. So with no option to select wireless, I selected Automatic and waited until it was finished and it then came with a message basically saying that it couldn’t find the router information.

Now my wireless usb adapter has lights on it to be lit up but was never lit up while connected to the media player. Is it the media player’s usb plug not working? Or is it my adapter? My adapter is very very new, bought it just the other day in fact! Oh, and do I need to install the software the adapter came with on my computer or do I just plug in the adapter to the media player. Please help me as soon as possible that way I’ll be in the time frame of returning it (the media player) back to the online retailer or exchanging it for a new one. Thanks.

Your adapter, not being on the list of WDC-approved WiFi adapters, is not supported by the Live+.

Check section 1B and 3B of the FAQ HERE.

So it HAS to be a supported adapter?

It has to be an adapter for which Driver support is included in the firmware.  The only way of knowing this is either through anecdotal info from other users who’ve had success with other devices, or by looking at the list of supported devices.

 Hey IJ_O2

I just bought the WD HD Live Plus player yesterday and purchased a Linksys Wireless-N USB network adapter with dual-band  Model # WUSB600N, worked flawlessly…

I should mention i also entered my wireless setting using the manual SSID method,


I have also used Linksys WUSB100 V2, not on the approved list, and it worked right out of the box with my wireless network.


Remember that you need to make sure that Workgroup is the same as your shared PC workgroup to stream files from the shared drives.  So far I have no issues whatsoever.