Wireless Networking

Hi all,

Having a problem with recently acquired WD TV Live. I purchased a wireless adapter from the approved list (D-Link DWA-131) but am having problems connecting to network. It comes up with wired/wireless option in settings so it is recognising the wireless adapter but when I try to connect to my network it isn’t finding the IP address. (unable to find an IP address. The media player has limited or no network connectivity). It finds my wireless

In saying the above I did get it to work twice but it quickly stopped working again. I also noticed that if I have the WD Live on then my laptop’s wireless connection stops working as well (laptop isn’t the network I am trying to connect to I am trying to connect to desktop).

Can anyone help shed some light I have been on it for 6 hours straight and its doing my head in.

An update,

Not sure exactly what it was but after trying numerous things throughout the forum on suggestions I have been able to get the connection to work. However it now drops out at about 30mins and I need to reboot the router 2-3 times to get it to work again. (connecting manually or auto doesn’t work either until I reset the router)

I tried the ping -t method (for both WDTV & router) and when it drops out  only the WDTV disconnects, suggesting the problem lies between the WDTV & router right?

Question my router is not on supported list but would that make a difference as I’m not connecting the WDTV to it but via wireless adapter (which is on the supported list)?

Also the wireless adapter I have is N where as my wireless router is only a G, could this be the issue?