Wireless networking

Just hooked up my new WDTV live to my tv but when I try to connect to my wireless home network it wont find it using the “auto” configure function. Stupid question… Do I need to buy anything more in able to connect this unit wirelessly? I have a PS3, a internet radio,a Archos PMP player and with all of them I turned them on, searched for a network, entered my WEP key and they worked. What am I missing on this unit ???


Does it at least recognize your wireless adapter? It asks you if you want to configure wireless settings?

No… nothing. “unable to obtain a IP address the media player has limited or no network connectivity” is all it says.

Maybe to far from my router?

No, it sounds like your adapter isn’t supported. Exactly which brand, model, and version are you using?

What do you mean by “adapter” ?  If you mean router its a Lynksys WRT54GS


The WiFi adapter you’re using on the Live.  It’s does not have built-in wireless.

Thats what I was wondering… if I have to buy something else or should it work right out of the box. That **bleep**. What unit do you recomend (off the record) ???


Well, it does say Wireless Network is OPTIONAL… :wink:

I use the Cisco / Linksys WUSB600N, but you can choose off of WD’s tested list:

Pay CRITICAL attention to the VERSION / REVISION Column.

Thank you for your time.

Merry Christmas




The compatible wireless dongle list is gettting a bit dated I don’t believe any of the simultaneous dual-band products are supported so be careful. Personnally i think WD Live Hub

It’s not dated…  :)   It was updated when 1.04.10 was released.  

Wow, this is a little overwhelming (THAT LIST) maybe someone could recomend a off the shelf unit from bestbuy thats not to much money that they know works. I returned a ryku unit for this and the costs are starting to add up.

I’ll be interested if anyone got out around 20-40 bucks and is working.

Thanks again all