Wifi Issue


I hava the wd-tv-hd with the latest firmware installed .

I just got a D-link dwa-140 , the firmware suported by WD is 1.3 and mine is 1.6

I am having problems connecting it to the wireless network . the WD recognizes the card and everything seems to work

just fine , after configuring all the settings it tries to connect but comes back with a message saying something like :

Can not obtain an IP address , no connectivity

I have a Laptop that connects to the network just fine from the same location  .

my question is this :

Am I having problems because of the firmware that is not supported or is it something else ?

I have seen other posts same as mine with different hardware …

Has anybody succesfully connected a wd-tv with a D-link dwa-140 ver 1.6 ?

Is there a way I can downgrade my wireless card ?


You’re pretty confused.

If you’re running 1.6, then you don’t have a WDTV HD.   You have either a WDTV Live or a WDTV Live Plus.

to make things clear I own a wd-tv-live media player with the last firmware