Problem with WD Live Plus

Hi everyone,

I just recently got a WD Live Plus for Christmas. I am having problems with it connecting to my network. It will not pick up wirelessly and I have to use connect to it through an ethernet for it to finally connect. I’ve tried connecting manually and upgraded firmware and nothing seems to get the wireless to work.

Another thing that is really troubling is that every time I seem to turn it on, it will knock all other devices (laptop, iphone, bluray player) off of the network and they are not able to re-connect back on until the router is reset and the WD Live is turned off. I have checked for answers but am still not sure what to try to get this fixed.

Thanks for the help!

What wireless adapter are you using in the Plus?

I was under the assumption that with the plus, you didn’t need a usb wifi adapter. I thought it would automatically be able to connect wirelessly to the network? I dont have one so maybe that is where my first problem lies…??

I see from your other thread now that you now realize you don’t have the Plus.

Haha, yea…now I just need to figure out why its disconnecting my devices. It should also be connecting to my wifi too. Any suggestions?

Vince, you need to stop commenting in this Live Plus thread if you have a Live Streaming.  You could end up getting the wrong advice for the right model (or is that vice versa?)  :smiley: