Wireless network has gone after 1 day!

I received my WD TV Live streaming media player on Wednesday. Connected it to the TV via HDMI and switch it on and the first option was select language then the next was to select network type (wired or wireless) I selected wireless and entered my passkey and all was up and running, working a treat. The next day I had no network connection??? I tried going to network setup and trying and auto setup but it detects nothing at all. Please can someone help me!! I’ve been trying for 3 days now and also trying to ring customer support! Engaged every time

Help anyone???

Do you have the new live streaming player with built in WIFI or the gen2 which needs an adaptor?
You could try resetting the player to factory defaults which will allow you to have another go at the setup.

Yeah the new one with built in wifi. Worked the 1st time wirelessly and the next day it was not working. So I have tried the reset button a lot of times and it doesn’t give me an option to choose wireless anymore. Seriously weird. Can’t figure out what’s wrong

I think your box is DOA.