Wireless problems?


Firstly, I apologize for my orthography.

I recently bought the WD TV Live, and upgraded the firmware to v1.01.17. Playing movies from an external hd directly connected to the WD TV Live works well, with HD Rips 1080p (~10Go / mkv container / x264codec i guess) or Divx (~700Mo / avi container).

I connected a D-Link DWA-125 usb wi-fi adaptater to the WD TV Live, and started trying to play movies directly from other computers, also connected with wi-fi, and I met some issues.

The first problem is the connexion is sometimes lost between the WD TV Live and my other computer, but just with my computer because I still can play videos froms youtube when it happens. I checked some topic on the forum, but there are no solutions for this problem other that switching to a wired connexion, which is not an option in my case. Can I fix this first problem ? (You should know the wifi signal is strong, 80~100%, few meters and just one wall).

The second issue is when I play HD content stored in my computer. The movie freeze. Is this problem due to the buffer space of the WD TV Live ?

I really would to fix the first problem concerning the “connexion lost” during playing movies, the only solution to reconnect the WD TV Live is to turn it off/on and my computer is again available. Very painful during a movie…

The second problem is certainly not solvable, but if someone have ideas…

Thanx to you for reading my post, and sharing your ideas.

I apologize, again, for my orthography :slight_smile: