Can connect to internet but cannot connect to network

I have done everything as mentioned in the manual and as shown on the net but i cannot connect my WD Live HD Media Player to the network. Initially when i newly bought this device it got connected and i have really enjoyed streaming without actually using a hard drive external or portable as i was just accessing all my media files from my desktop connected thru an ethernet cable to the wd media player. But now i dont what s the problem. I thought earlier may be it is becoz the software is not updated but i updated even that to the latest as 1.04.31_V.

Please help.

There are a number of excellent networking guides posted within the networking section of the forum. Have you read through the guides, what operating system are you using and where are you stuck? The quickest way to confirm that your network is working correctly is to download serviio from the net. That will bypass your existing network setup and confirm that your network connection is operating correctly. If you have issues with setting up serviio, the serviio forum provides good support.