Wireless Adapter Suddenly Not Recognized

I bought my Live Plus in Feb. of this year, along with a BUFFALO WLI-UC-GN for the wireless.

As of a couple days ago, the unit will no longer see the wireless adapter.  When I go into network settings, I get no choice for wired or wireless.

Nothing has changed on the unit (no firmware updates, etc.), though I did notice that at some point the LED on the adapter stopped flashing on access and stays lit as soon as the power is turned on.  I believe this coincided with the last firmware update, but I am not sure.  Reguardless, it did not alter the functioning of the device.  I continues to work fine until now.

Any ideas?

Forgot to mention, I tried rolling the firmware down and up to multiple revisions without success.

Did you try plugging it into your PC to make sure the adapter is still functional?

I did.  Also tried another adapter I know used to work (though not in the supported list) and it does not work now either.

Using the Live Plus ethernet via a wireless bridge for the time being.  That works fine.

Hmmm.   Have you tried both USB ports?

Yup.  And USB drives seem to work fine, as that is what I used to do the firmware installs.