Please port the airlink wifiusb fix in the wdtvlive+ firmware to the WDTVLive firmware

I see that the “1.04.18_B for the WD TV Live Plus” address the issue I just ran into after upgrading my WDTVLive unit to the latest 1.04.17_V.

In the release note it says:
Resolved issue with Airlink Golden 150 and D-link DWA 131 Wifi adaptors not working with 1.04.17_B.

With the 1.04.17_V on my WDTVLive unit, my Airlink WiFi USB adapter which always worked now doesn’t at all. The WDTV unit seems to think it doesn’t get a IP address yet in my wireless router it assigned it one.On the final automatic get the settings page it sits there for 30 seconds and say “could not get IP address or has limited connectivity…”

If by some magical change it does get one, (1 out of 15 attempts) when I try to browse it can’t get past the DNS check.

I had 0 problems before the latest firmware upgrade and would like if you can port the fix in the + firmware over to the Live unit as well.

I’m using the Airlink 101 AWLL6075.

What you’re describing is something different.    In the _B .17 software, the interface wouldn’t even start.   It wasn’t even recognized.   On yours, it’s apparently being recognized, so it’s not the same issue.


Is anyone else having this problem? I down graded the firmware and all my network issues went away. I got my IP instantly and was able to navigate to my DLINKNAS DIR321.

I’ll just hold off on the _17_V one and wait for the next. Hopefully it’s fixed.