Windows Server 2012 Essentials upgrade path?

I probably should have checked this off my list before purchasing a DX4000 so near to its’ release, but will we see an upgrade path to Windows Server 2012 Essentials?

it would seem that the base requirements are met already (perhaps not CPU max user recommended)

Microsoft offers no upgrade path so I doubt very much that WD could have one. 

I have no clue if they (WD) will offer a WSE 2012 model.  Of course they could as you say the hardware meets minimums.  The 2012 software is aprox $400 more than the 2011 software.

If you want Server 2012 standard, you could still keep the WD box for desktop backups and as a NAS

If the 2012 software is about to come out, can you just buy the software and install it on the machine? I am about to buy a Sentinel, so I don’t have anything on one yet.

No you cannot buy Server 2012 and put it on this box.  There is no new version of this software, it was discontinued.  Well that is not correct.  This version will be available until like 2024, so it is not really discountinued,  but there will not be a “newer version”, just update roll ups and patches for a few more years.

i think the choice word from Microsoft is “deprecated” :slight_smile:

so, this product, as it is, is now obsolete.

Which is unfortunate because the hardware still falls within the requirements for Windows Server 2012 Essentials… which is basically what the “new” storage server is, et al.

… and i just bought this a couple weeks ago.  perhaps i should return it while still in that window of magic time >.<

actually, i think that after looking through MDT2012 and things, that i may have some work to do…

WSSE and WS2012e are 2 diff things/markets.  They both share some features such as client backups, wizzards, Remote Access, and the dashboard. They both support Win  8 clients.

But Server 2012 Essentials must be the Domain Controler and may run Line of Business Apps.

Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials is more of a NAS box with the above mentioned features.

Don’t be dissapointed that the WD box will not run WS2012E, be upset with MS for not offering a product similar in features and price to Home Server or Staorage Server essentials.

The WD box still does what it was built to do and will continue to do so for a long time.

i totally agree with you Gramps on the MS fail…  its’ a shame really.

but i’m not one to give up to easily on things and have always been a huge fan of WD products…

I think now, i’m shifting gears a bit and looking really hard at the Windows 2012 Server Core installation… it provides all  the features i need (dedup, streaming, backup, etc…) plus the requirements are actually significantly lower.  As soon as I noticed that deduplication was removed from WS2012E i stopped.

now, server core is definitely not for the average consumer, but then again i don’t really fall in that group (check my extended linkedIn profile :slight_smile: )

i’ll try to document my efforts and let people know how it goes.

i can confirm that server 2012 is working quite well on this awesome little bugger…   deduplication was well worth the efforts.

so, i would guess to say that Essentials would work ok to, but lacks most of the newer benefits as standard server for upgrading.

do you think people would be interested in a ‘how to’ blog… it was not so bad. (but of course i have years of experience in the field).

I would be interested… did you use a 1x pcix card or did you make a custom install?

I would be extremely interested in a “how to”

Can you please let me know how you got 2012 on it?

I would love to see a “how to” blog… any technical guidance on how to install Server 2012 (Standard, Essentials, Storage Server, etc) would be greatly appreciated!!

Please, if anyone knows how to install another OS on this…even Windows 8. I am about to buy one but don’t want to be stuck with Storage Server 2008. I believe this has an EFI BIOS…just need soem help.

I’d be interested in a how-to as well…

Can someone who owns one if these do a test? 

-On a PC, install Server 2012 (any vaniant) to a spare drive and remove after first re-boot (after files have been installed)

-Power down the DX4000 and remove all drives

-Insert spare drive into DX4000 and setup should finish

-See if you can remote in

This is a rough test but may prove the ability to install another OS.

Tswalker has already installed Server 2012.  We bascially have to wait until he or someone else has the time to create a “how to” guide.  It will come just give it time.  As for starting the install on a seperate computer. Chances are that won’t work due to the fact that you would be unable to set up raid fuctionality.  I think the install would require the use of an Unattended XML file which basically goes through all the prompts during install since its a headless unit.  I have been thinking of stripping the Unattend file from the restore iso online but would have to have some way of backing up my data before trying an install. 

I apologize for the long delay… it is something i’m doing in my spare time, and it is very involved.

There are some risks doing this… which i’m sure most realize, and two in particular annoying things I have not resolved yet.

* the blinking LED power light, which I do not think I’ll be able to solve without WD’s help (C source code most likely for the LCD controller).  I seriously doubt they will be willing to share that with me, or us… whomever.

* FAN control, this is handled by some proprietary code and I have not been able to find an opensource equivalent that works with it… however, you can do some “things” with the applications that WD has generously included with the system from 2008R2.  I’ll try to add those notes in.

I’m nearly done with documenting the steup of the auto-unattend USB and noting how to build the windows server 2012 standard image.  There’s a few key steps there that I need to verify to make sure they work…  as well as a “how to” for backing up your 2008R2 before doing this.

anyway, I have been able to succesfully write some powershell scripts to control the LCD output… its’ a bit crude, but works.

I’ve never created a “blog” before, so if anyone has some tips for that it would be helpful… i’m looking at a 10 page tutorial so far and its’ growing.


I am not very concerned about the blinking power LED, but the FAN control is pretty important because it is very noisy unless/until the fans are slowed down.

Thanks very much for your efforts!