DS 6100 - Fresh install of Server 2012

I recently acquired a lightly used DS 6100. I have installed a fresh version of Server 2012 Standard and would like to set this device up as close to original as possible. Unfortunately, I am unable to get any of the software on this site (Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support) to install on the system. I realize that it could potentially be due to the fact that those installs are designed for Server 2012 Essentials but would assume that it should work on Standard as well. Currently the LCD screen is functional but is not interactive, I assume that there are drivers that need to be installed in order to allow full functionality of the LCD screen as well.

After speaking with WD support, I was told that these files may just be updates to the software that was originally installed and would need to obtain the original install files. Does anyone know where they can be sourced from?

Ideally, I would be able to set this up and use as it is originally intended to backup personal devices on my home network and be something that I can grab and take out with me in the event of a fire.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Try this

Is there a particular order these applications should be installed in?

I’m able to get the WDSU Setup utility to install but none of the MSI files will actually execute. They all load to about 80%, stall out then I get an error message that states “Service “MSI file I attempted to run” failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services”. I am signed in to the OS on the system with the local Admin account that was created during installation. I assume there are some missing drivers or a necessary config file that is needed to successfully install the software.

Device manager does show a PCI Serial port, PCI Simple Communications Controller and an “Unknown Device” listed under Other Devices but neither the files I obtained originally or the files in the dropbox link you posted have the necessary drivers.

The files should end up in a folder c:\wd with the same file layout. Think there are 2 subfolders
then run wdinstall.bat

Thank you @Gramps. That did allow for all of the installations to successfully install.

However, this is the issue I am experiencing now. After installing and rebooting I accessed the WD Tray software and I’m getting an “This program cannot display the webpage” error.

I accessed programs/features and all of the WD icons within installed programs are “generic” and no amount of searching via the start menu resolves in finding any installed WD or Western Digital software.

Both can be viewed in this screenshot.

How did you get it installed (20212r2) to start with.
normally it will not see any drives and you have to have disc

just noticed you said server standard and not essentials. I have no idea if that makes a difference.

I used the drivers in the mvsdrv.cab file when installing Server 2012. These were included in the download from Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support

I have a 2012 Standard ISO that I extracted to a bootable USB, then booted from the USB on the Sentinel to install.

I would assume that installing 2012 Standard as opposed to 2012 Essentials wouldn’t make a difference and it wouldn’t explain some of the other weird issues I’m seeing. I can’t check for updates on 2012 Standard for instance. I get an error code that when checked online says that there was a communication interruption with the Windows Update Server.

No clue, I did not spend much time with 2012. It was like windows 8 and drove me nuts :slight_smile:
I liked 2012R2/windows 8.1

So when install asked for a disc you gave it mvsdrv.cab?
that file looks like my zip file

That is correct.

I had extracted the files in mvsdrv.cab using 7Zip into a sub folder and pointed the system to that folder for the RAID drivers.

Could it be a BIOS issue or firmware for the system? The external LCD displays the same message and never changes “Initializing OK, Loading UEFI HDD” The only button on the front panel that is currently interactive is the power button. Which has a solid blue light. The HDD activity/status lights do not currently display anything.

where did you install server 2012? To a littler hard drive on the side and not to one in the 4 drive bays?
I would try to find storage server 2012r2 essentials iso. That is what the license sticker on the box is for

No, it’s installed on the internal drives. The drivers are partitioned into 2 disks, C: is about 300GB and D: is about 5.5TB. The OS is installed on C:

I do not have the box that the system came in, the only thing that I have is the hardware, including both power adapters. I do not have any other documentation for the system.

Have you taken the cover off? On the 6100 there should actually be 2 little av drives on the side. The OS was installed on them and then the 4 drive bays were raid 5

Just took the cover off. You’re right. There are 2 320GB drives, one on either side of the system and then the 4 drives in the raid. I didn’t realize those 2 drives were in there. Are they set up on some sort of raid as well?

Then I can only assume the OS is installed on the 320GB drives (assuming they’re also in some sort of raid) and then there is the 5.5TB of storage space from the 4 drives in the raid.

The 2 small dives are supposed to be in raid 1 mirror
I think again I would install 2013r2 essentials with the 4 drive bays empty

Apparently the WD software isn’t compatible with 2012 Standard. I downloaded an evaluation copy of essentials (and found the license key for the original install of essentials for the Sentinel), after installing and then following your instructions, all of the WD software installed without issue and is now functional.

As such, I thank you for your help.

I’m very curious to see why there is such a difference between Essentials and Standard as far as the WD Software is concerned.

Essentials has the dashboard. WD prob uses some of those dll’s
for giggles, you might install standard and enable the essentials role?

I actually stumbled upon a blog post last night that claims that is a solution when installing a server standard OS whether it’s 2012 or 2016. I honestly didn’t think about it and could’ve saved myself some headaches.


Unfortunately now, I’m unable to setup the storage RAID and the OS is not recognizing the drives. The LCD display says they are all invalid drives.

With the 2012 Standard installation I was actually able to view files on the storage RAID that were leftover from the previous owner.


Any idea why I’m running into that error when attempting to set up the RAID from WD Tray on Essentials?

sorry, I followed the link and did not see your issue.

Not off the top of my head. Is device manager happy with the raid drivers. Do any of the disc show in diskmgmt.msc or diskpart > lis dis ?

if so I would prob do diskpart >clean on all 4 drives and try again