Windows desktop doesn't communicate with my EX4

I reset my EX4 to it’s factory settings. When I open the URL it shows “admin” as my username and blank password. Where can I find the temporary password so I may access the device? Thank you for any help offered.

Hi @JHobbs1958,

Please refer to the bleow link to Reset a My Cloud OS 5 Device:

This fix doesn’t work with my device…EX4.

Dear JHobbs1958,

Please refer to the following article that is specific to EX4

How to Reset a My Cloud EX4 Device

Thank you, cme of WDStaff. I realize I am working with an old device but it is one that I originally set up about 8 years ago. We began using it and then our offices were broken into and much of our equipment was stolen, this EX4 included. About a year ago the detective working our case (actually was mothballed 5 years ago) received an anonymous tip and ultimately it lead to us finding this device. I reset the device to factory settings. I am wondering if I could pay you guys to give me a live, hands on walkthrough of setting it up again from scratch. Is that possible? Or, is there a document that offers simple, easy-to-follow instructions in setting it up? Finally, it appears from what I’ve read and received in correspondence from y’all that OS3 is going away and replaced by OS5, but that it will not work with my EX4. What is my best course of action, please? Seriously, is this EX4 still a good storage option that I can access remotely, if needed, and use as my backup server? Thank you in advance for any and all help offered me!!!