Windows 11 cant install WD Dashboard

I have tried installing/uninstalling/reinstalling… Every time I reinstall it gives me errors of missing dlls etc. Is the Dashboard supposed to work in windows 11 ? Is this the way to keep your drivers up to date for my SSD ?

Thanks for any info.

It says nothing about Windows 11 on the download page


I own two WD MY CLOUDS, a 1st and a 2nd generation. Both Dashboards are working fine. WDMyCloudImage

I am confused.

You log into the device using a web browser. . . . .and the device serves up a web page that is the dashboard.

Oh wait. . .are you clicking on file explorer? Does the device show up as a “computer” under the Network group? In Win10 left click will browse the device; Right click will bring up the device in a webpage (which yields the dashboard).

Hi, i was referring to the standalone Dashboard exe. It was not installing on windows 11 for me. I have since resolved the issue by installing it in safe mode.