Western Digital Dashboard App - Blank Screen

-no-sandbox and enabling gpu support do not help. Windows 10.
The log is empty. Can I get a link to an older version?

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same issue here, opened a call to Western Digital, they don’t care and just closed it saying their software is working. Any solution would appreciated !

No solution :frowning:

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I did a test in safe mode and… that’s working. So definitely a drivers issue somewhere.

It’s not working, I can’t detect my SN850X, 2 TB NVME SSD internal drive. The latest Dashboard version can’t detect anything. Please fix ASAP

I am having a similar problem with Windows 11 and WD Dashboard ( When I launch WD Dashboard the only result is that an icon appears in the Taskbar. There is no actual application window and clicking on the icon in the Taskbar does nothing. I would post a picture, but there is nothing to show!

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I have exactly this issue too, although I’m running Windows 10.

I’ve been on the chat with WD Support, but they didn’t have any ideas (other than saying try another computer).