New Dashboard ver Working

Everybody update, new version corrects no drives detected. I suggest downloading the offline installer just to have if there a problems with a future update


Thank you! it is working for me

thanks, but when I hit the link I seem to end up with ver

This version doesn’t work for me. Only the icon appears in the bottom bar of Windows, but the main window is “invisible”. The 4 Mb download (, same error.
I’m looking for the previous version (, but I can’t find it.


I had a problem where I was getting 2 dashboard icons in the system tray. I uninstalled dashboard and then did a search of my OS drive for dashboard, WD, Western digital and deleted any matching folders. Then I rebooted and ran CCleaner registry scan and fixed those errors. Lastly I reinstalled the current stand alone installer of dashboard. This fixed the issues I was having. Might work you. If not I have an older version from last year on a file hosting site I can link if needed.

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It doesn’t work.

In this screenshot, you can see RiveTuner over the DashBoard “invisible” window :slight_smile:

If you could put the link to version 3, I would appreciate it.

Same here, I just downloaded it and it crashes about 3 seconds after I run it. Every single time. Tried restarting etc. It just doesn’t work. If anyone has a link to the previous version it would be greatly appreciated.

I am having the same problem with Windows 11 and WD Dashboard ( When I launch WD Dashboard the only result is that an icon appears in the Taskbar. There is no actual application window and clicking on the icon in the Taskbar does nothing. I would post a picture, but there is nothing to show!