Dashboard disfuntionality

I have installed dashboard to try and solve a performance issue with my WD 2Tb Black internal drive. I also have a 2Tb WD Blue which is perfoming just fine. However, ‘dashboard’ doesnt detect either of these drives??? Any suggestions, thank you!


t had version 3.8 installed and yesterday reported that there was a new version I have installed it and it does not detect any of my HD. They are all WD and were detected without problems in the previous version.


I have the exact same issue. New version of Dashboard doesn’t recognize my WS SSD. Tried everything and it doesn’t detect my WD Black 850X 4TB Nvme ssd. I tried to find older version to download and install, to go back, but it seems older versions can’t be found anymore.


I am here to report the same issue with the new Dashboard version cause it can’t detect any of my devices (I have an SN850X NVMe SSD and WD Blue Sata). Which both were detected in previous version
Please make a new update cause I can’t find the previous version online.

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Sorry this is the only standalone installer version I have saved from last year when we faced this issue ver Download file DashboardSetupSA3.4.2.9.exe But it works lol, I had to go back to this version

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Same issue here, created an account just to flag it. SN550 and SN850 both detected by previous version of dashboard, and now no devices detected. Reinstalled, rebooted, nothing.

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Hi friends, I have the same situation as you, I recently bought an ssd wd black s770 1tb, the computer itself saw it perfectly the first time and everything works fine, but when I wanted to install a dashboard, I saw that the application could not detect ssd, fix the app soon

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