New version of wd dashboard doesn't detect the drive

I have updated my WD Dashboard software from the old version I was using to newest version 2 days ago. New version doesn’t detect my WD_Black SN850X Nvme SSD. Windows itself is seeing it fine and drive is working normally, but new version of Dashboard software can’t recognize it. Old version of WD Dashboard was working fine.

I currently have opened 2 support cases for this issue.

I think there is a serious bug in new version of WD Dashboard that on some systems is causing this exact issue.

In the meantime I was trying to get back to older version and install that, until this is resolved. But I can’t find offline installer for any of the old versions literally anywhere on the internet. I asked WD support in a live chat if they have an archive of old versions and they told me only the newest version is available to download.



See if this helps.
Search Support | Western Digital

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Me too, updated this morning and my SN770 1TB isn’t detected, I tried to download and old version of dashboard but running it’s installer gives me the non-working !!! how is that even possible???
made a support ticket.


Reporting the same issue here! Dashboard version isn’t detecting any of my devices (SN850X and WD Blue Sata), Which both were detected in the old version
I can’t find the old version online, please can you provide a link for the old version to download?

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I had this saved from last year when we ran into this issue. It’s a fresh upload from about 15 mins ago


I really thank you for the share, but I can’t test it on my device unless it’s from a trusted provider

Thank you!

thanks for this, gonna use this version until WD come back with an answer

Just to confirm that with this old version of Dashboard drive is recognized with no issues. So the new version definitely has some kind of bug.

Same issue here, just updated to and now the drives are not seen. Both are internal NVME drives.

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I have received a response for 2 open support tickets and got the same response, issue with the new version of WD Dashboard is forwarded to appropriate engineering team and that I have to wait for a patched version. They don’t guarantee that the next version will contain the fix for this issue and they don’t have an eta for the fix.

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wow! they can’t guarantee a fix for this issue… Then why bother working on a patched version???
Thank you for the update

I have different problem. After update it takes 100% CPU on 2 cores on overview tab, ok on other tabs. Previous versions were ok. I have Black 850x 2TB.
Visual design is also terrible. I have 4k display. Everything big, window also big but still not everything fits. You have to scroll. You can enlarge window to fit everything but next start it again does not fit in the enlarged window - bad responsive design. :slight_smile:
I opened support case, they wanted to send some logs, I sent it zipped (5MB), they sent message they cannot receive it because it is too big, I should sent it other way. :rage:
Crazy company.

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New version of WD Dashboard came out, Release notes:
"August 14, 2023 (

Known Issues • Gaming Mode 2.0 auto-detection for game launches is sometimes failing to detect games from the default parent “Epic Games” folder. If you experience this issue, please add a folder that directly points to your game (e.g. add folder “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite” instead of “C:\Program Files\Epic Games”).

Application • Fixed issue causing drives not to be detected when some Windows registry entries were invalid. "

I have installled it and it does now recognize my drive. So they fixed the issue in this new version of WD Dashboard.

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How do you know if the Gaming Mode has failed to detect a game? just curious.


It’s unfortunate that the new version of WD Dashboard is causing compatibility issues with your WD_Black SN850X Nvme SSD. It’s possible that there might be a bug affecting certain systems.

Since you’re looking to revert to the older version of WD Dashboard, you could try reaching out to WD support again and ask if they can provide you with an offline installer for the previous version ( that was working fine for you. Mention your situation and the specific compatibility problem you’re encountering.

In the meantime, you could also monitor your support cases for updates or solutions from WD’s technical team.

Did you read my last comment?

And no, WD support wasn’t able to provide me offline installer of older versions. Which was also commented in this thread

If you click on the gaming mode control (where it has the game pad & AUTO word) it opens up a little menu. You have to be in AUTO to detect games, so switch to that if you aren’t in AUTO. If you don’t have AUTO your drive probably doesn’t support it.

If a game is currently running then the menu that opens will have AUTO in white on an orange background with a little cogs icon next to it. If a game is not running it will be on a black background, no cogs icon, and circled in orange. If OFF or ON are circled then it is on Game Mode OFF or ON mode, not AUTO, so no game detection is done.

If you are in AUTO but your game isn’t detected, try to add the folder where your game EXE is to the Manage Game Folders list.

This KBA has some more details

You’ve encountered compatibility issues with WD Dashboard’s new version. Continue working with WD support for a resolution. Explore the WD Community forums for insights from users facing similar problems. Offline installers for older versions are typically not available directly from WD, but support may assist you in obtaining one if necessary.

Hikvision disc drive not recognised my WD dashboard

So my previously Hitachi SSD disk drive name on Device Manager has changed to a Hikvision HK model

The WD Dashboard used to recognise the Hitachi drive but lately it wont detect the Hikvision SSD Drive

I dont know I’m just imagining this .but I cant be wrong? When i initially searched for a ssd drive dashboard utility it directed me to the WD dashboard . and apparently Hitachi was acquired by WD?