Windows 10

I upgraded my computer to windows 10 and now I can no longer access the files in my book live model WDBACG0020HCH. Can anybody help?


At the moment, Win 10 is not officially supported by WD product since the commercial version just came out and it carries some bugs. 

As a recommendation, wait for windows to release new updates for the OS.

See my post:

I have had success using the WD product. The only issue now is that some WIN10 boxes do not remember the share’s password. A minor inconvenience.

While I can map a drive letter to it, the automated/scheduled backup feature of the MyBook Live does works under Windows 10, mainly because the MyBook Live device is not recognized as an available backup choice under  WD SmartWare 2.4.12.

SmartWare was working properly under Windows 8.1.

Does anybody know for sure if WD will *ever* fix SmartWare to function properly under Windows 10?


Yes, they will just give it sometime, there is plenty of software out there that does not “officially” support Windows 10 yet. Windows 10 was just barely release not too long ago.

Just in case you wonder, the same happens when new Mac OS X releases are available, Android, Apple’s IOS, etc etc… Not all vendors have their apps available right away to support new major releases.

In the meatime, you should be able to use Windows 10 build-in backup options.