Problems with My Book and Windows 10


I used My Book for Backups under Win 7. Now I changed to Win 10 and I cannot see the folders and it’s not possible to activate it. What can I do?

How did you manage/create your backups while using Windows 7? Did you use WD SmartWare or did you use the built-in Windows 7 backup utility?

I used WD SmartWare .

Can it be a way out to delete and formate WD MY Book in order zu use the build-in backup of Win10? So I can use the WD My Book as a normal harddisk, I hope.

News: No way! WIN 10 doesn’t work with MyBook.

I have a similar setup with a desktop PC using Windows 10 and a Laptop using Windows 7. In January Windows 10 was not showing my MyBookLive as a drive in File Explorer, nor was it showing in Network connections (navigation pane). It had detected the drive in the details pane. I manually re-mapped the drive (map network drive) in Windows 10 but it wouldn’t show the folders in the details pane. I checked Windows 10 Support website and saw similar problems, and just before the end of January, a reply said the latest Windows 10 update would fix these issues. The update to Windows 10 sorted the problem, but it doesn’t seem to work as well as it does under Windows 7 on my laptop.
Check that you are getting all the Windows 10 updates, there is an update about every 2 weeks at present.

A recent Microsoft update to Win 7 (thanks, Microsoft) made SMB 2.0 the default for Win 7. I lost connectivity to my MyCloud device recently, even though it had been working for over a year.
Here’s a link to the real fix:

The same concern may also exist in Win 8, 8.1, and 10 — although I haven’t checked them yet myself.
Note that after you take the action in the link you’ll need to stop/restart the 'Workstation" service on your PC to make it take effect.