Windows 10

I have acces to my WDMycloud device with my mobile Phone, but not through windows 10.
Windows10 can find my wdMyCloud, but after connection he will not get through and have to sign in again with name and password. I have no option to fill in my name

How can I proceed

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Are you attempting to use the WD Desktop program? If so users have found that they can no longer sign into their My Cloud with that software. WD Support has a specific knowledge base article covering why one can no longer access their My Cloud using the WD Desktop program.

Bottom line is the WD Desktop app/program has been End Of Life since 2016 and is no longer supported. To access a remote network My Cloud one would use the web portal.

For local network access one does not need to use any WD apps or software. Instead one can access a local network My Cloud device using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. For local network access one can map a share to their computer for easier access.

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Hi Bennor,

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I have the same problem. Sadly neither windows 10 nor WD doing anything to resolve the problem, while iphone still access the icloud. In fact I was able to access half step and was asked by WD for 9 digits ID number. Then I realized that MYCLOUD did not have these 9 digits. So upset that these big corporates ignore their users abc needs. In brief : No solution so far. October 2020

What problem? What problem needs to be resolved by WD or Microsoft? The My Cloud is accessible remotely via the web portal. Or when using the WD My Cloud mobile app for iOS and Android.

The My Cloud Desktop app/program has been end of life for a number of years now (since 2016). It finally stopped working entirely last year with recent firmware updates to the My Cloud.

If you got a screen, during device setup, asking for a 9-digit code chances are you input the wrong setup page (My Cloud Home) rather than the right setup page for the My Cloud. WD even has a Support Knowledgebase article on the 9-Digit issue with correct links to the setup page, sign-in page, mobile app links and instructions page.

Again, no solution for what issue?

Edit to add: Further the single bay/single drive My Cloud models are basicly either end of life support themselves or have very little support.

A number of single bay/single drive software programs are End of Life. These include WD Sync and WD Access in addition to WD Desktop.

Another Edit to Add: If you have having trouble accessing a local network My Cloud device using Windows File Explorer, this could be due to Microsoft disabling the SMB 1.0/CIFS option. Typically new Windows 10 installs have this option disabled. Microsoft put out a patch last year that disabled this setting for security reasons, it affect most NAS manufacturers not just WD. The solution is to re-enabled this setting.

Hello! I have these ASUS T10 and it helped me. Thanks!