Win. 7 no longer allows acces to WDTV network drives

Hello everyone, 

This is my first post in the WDCommunity, I’ve never had any issues with WDTV product before, untill now. Since today Windows 7 no longer allows me to acces my WDTVLiveHub network drives (local storage + attached wd hard drive). 

If I refresh enough the WDTV will pop up in my network view, but when I click on it i get a Network Error, error code: 0x80070035. Something about being unable to find the WDTV, wrong network path or perhaps wrong name.

I am absolutely positive that besides regular windows updates, and the recent WDTV firmware update, nothing else has changed in my setup. The WDTV can still acces my internet, and streaming to the device also still works. It’s just the network acces which has mysteriously stopped working. My girlfriend has a macbook and she can still acces the drives without any difficulties. This leads me to conclude that the problem is probably caused by a recent windows update?

Nothing that I’ve tries thusfar has had any effect; reboot, reconnecting both devices to the network. Trying both WiFi and LAN. Resetting my router, resetting the WDTVLiveHub.

I hope someone can help me with my issue,

Kind Regards,

Jelle Bonnema (NL)

This is most likely a Widows firewall or antivirus problem, see this HERE in reference to your error code to see if it will help.

Disabling the firewall, any firewall, was not the solution. The problem remains. I find it so unbelievable that everything was working like a charm, and out of the blue it stops working. Without me even changing anything in the slightest. Could it have anything to do with recent updates to windows or the wdtv live hub?

So you can’t even access it via the IP address?

The device is shown in my network view, both under ‘computer’ and ‘multimedia devices’. Streaming a video seems to work, but accessing the actual drive does not. This results in the error code I mentioned in my first post. Trying to acces via \WDTVLIVEHUB results in the same error.

But I’m asking:  Can you access it via the IP ADDRESS:


My apologies, that does not seem to work either

Okay, scratch that, after messing around with it all morning. I’ve been able to connect via ip and remap the network drives. Everything seems to be working again, although not exactly set up as before. I’m not quite sure what did the trick though :frowning:

Ok, well, that’s at least some good news, and gives something to track down.

If it works by IP but does not work by NAME, then then issue is with NetBIOS Name Resolution on the client PC.

And if you read the link that was posted above, there are several solutions to such issues.

Windows 7 messed itself up without my authorization. I’ve tried several fixes but none of them seem te work. So as long as connecting via IP seems to work, I’ll just keep it like that and wait for Windows 8 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!