Windows vista cannot access \\WDTVLIVEHUB

Hello, I just got this wd tv live hub two days ago and still haven’t been able to successfully get it to work with all my computers. I followed the instructions and pluged the device to the power, then to the tv and then to my router, turned it on to update to the latest firmware, configured my windows xp computer (which is hard wired to the network) to workgroups instead of mshome and downloaded WD Discovery tool, which i have a whole lot of problems with but I wont even bother with it yet.  After some extra steps of troubleshooting the windows xp machine works fine and I can just drag and drop files to the hard drive of the hub without a problem.
I have a windows vista machine that is wirelessly connected to the network, I spent over 8 hours reading posts and trying to troubleshoot this machine without any success, after alot of troubleshooting I finally was able to see WDLIVEHUB on my network but when I double click it it says:

Windows cannot access \WDTVLIVEHUB
Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network.  To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.

Error code 0x80070035

I searched online about this issue and it said it had to do with firewall blocking connection, however I do not have any firewall on the computer except the windows firewall, which I disabled to no avail.  I also completely reinstalled the operating system on this machine and removed all startup programs and the problem is still there.  Anyone knows how to troubleshoot this problem?


have you pinged it yet? Had a network resolving problem on WinXP, too.

The WDTVLIVEHUB must have the same workgroup name as your PC.

My router with integrated DNS server assigned everything correctly to the WD and I also gave the WD the name WDTVLIVEHUB in the network management section of the router (WDTVLIVEHUB can’t be used per direct LAN connection - there has to be a router in between!).

Firewalls like ZoneAlarm can block the connection even when the WD tool has all permissions!

(Windows firewall works correctly)


^^ good luck!

When I ping the host name it says that it cannot find the host name, when I ping the IP address it times out and gives 100% loss. 

I configured the workgroup name correctly with all the computers/devices

The divice and computer are all connected through my router, my windows xp computer communicates with the hub just fine.

Windows as of right now is a fresh install of vista, I turned off the windows firewall but at this point I don’t know if its the source of the problem, I’ve heard that some firewalls might still block access even when disabled and you have to allow it to communicate with the device but I cant find how.

Perhaps your WIRELESS has ISOLATION turned on.

If you cannot even ping the Hub by IP address, there’s definately an “Air Gap” somewhere…  

Zone Alarm must be shut down and you have to wait a few seconds/reset lan connection that it works. windows firewall doesn’t make trouble as far as I know. About firewalls I can’t say more…

(It’s true that some firewalls (ZA also with some connections) block further if disabled. Only fix is no autostart on windows start and/or deinstallation)

As I skipped Vista I can’t help you there, but if you connect your PC & WD via cable to your router pinging has to work.

Maybe it’s not a Vista problem but a hardware or network one…?!

All network settings on the WD compatible to your router & PC (IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DHCP server)?

Maybe test another network cable (maybe a kink in it?)…

Could you post your relevant router/WD/Vista network settings?


I have got similar issue. The symptomatic is the same except that i haven’t had access from LAN

Try to do following:

1st - connect your Vista machine by wire to your router(don’t remember to reboot all devices after  that).

If the problem still  exists try to apply my solution with static adress and hosts file editing.

Also it will be a good idea to check WD Hub  and Vista IP settings.  In order to success you must have the same subnet mask for Vista and WD Hub.