Win 10 no NAS file access

I’ve read every possible similar question, here and at Microsoft. I’ve tried every “fix” listed. I still cannot access my My Book Live Duo.
I see it as “storage” and as “media device” but when I try to open it goes to the webpage. I have three other computers that have full access to the files. All the computers are connected thru a Netgear router. This all began after a Win10 update about a month ago.
I am not an expert by any means but neither am I a novice but I am totally and completely lost here.

Hi DennisMC,

You should follow the instruction given in the link mentioned below and please let us know if the issue still persist.

FYI - I followed all of the steps outlined here and on other web sites to enable both SMB1 and SMB2 both in Win7 & Win10… Not happening. My MBLD is a brick unless I just want to use it to stream.