Will this work for me?

So I currently have a My Cloud but it’s running out of free space. It’s also getting older.
I’m considering buying a larger My Cloud Home Duo, but I’m getting confused by, what I see as, conflicting information.

So here’s what I want it to do, as it’s what I’m doing now with the older My Cloud:

  • Be able to use Windows to access the drive(s) and copy content from local disks to this My Cloud Home Duo device through a network mounted drive based on the IP address (Movies\ (Z:).
  • Be able to power up my Nvidia Shield device and mount the My Cloud Home Duo there so I can access the data on the disk(s) (through SMB).
  • Connect from any device on the same network to the disk(s) on a network (ipaddress/name) level.

Can anyone tell me if I will be able to do this?
If I can’t do this, what product would?

I’m not really concerned about public or private storage, but there are conflicting things there too…
Some say this is not a NAS, but the documentation shows a LAN share, so to me it’s working as a NAS then?

I also read I need specific WD Discovery software to get some things done, but hopefully that won’t be necessary if I can just make a share to an IP address of the My Cloud Home Duo.

My Cloud Home is not the product for you.
I would stick with My Cloud. Perhaps a PR2100 or 4100 depending on your capacity needs.

Thanks. Unfortunately the PR line is way too expensive, in my opinion, for 16+ tb and My Cloud (Mirror) isn’t sold anymore it seems.

I’m now looking at the My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra 16 or 20tb as it seems to have everything I need (and more I don’t need) as well.

Is there a specific reason that one didn’t make it on your list?

PRs have Intel Chips and more memory