Which My Cloud Device? No help from WD

I can’t figure out which device is good for me. I tried to call WD but the guy just read to me the same thing I saw on the website.
Here is what I need, if someone could point me in the right direction.

-I would like to setup a device that would be basically like my own personal dropbox.
-I want to sync my computer to this cloud drive.
-I want to be able to access the files anywhere, on my phone, browser.
-I want to be able to share a link to an item to a friends so they can access a file or a folder.
-I want a dual bay drive so I can have a mirror backup just in case something happens.
-I want to be able to stream videos directly from the device to an amazon firetv or something like that. (not necessarily with plex)

Can someone please help me with some advice since regular customer service isn’t really helping?
I was looking at:
My Cloud Pro PR2100
My Cloud EX2 Ultra
My Cloud Home

I have had the My Cloud before and it keeps not being available remotely, so I hope these newer products fix that issue.

Stat away from the less expensive Home. It is NOT a NAS like the EX and PR series and is unlike the original My Cloud.
Download and look at the user manuals before a purchase.
See the comparison chart between the EX and PR series. The main difference is speed and features. If unsure, get the PR series.
Media can be streamed to a Fire Stick and has been discussed here. Search forums.

The remote access issue is due to a router reboot and NAS needs to either be rebooted or Cloud Access setting needs to turned off and on to make it work again. Also has been discussed here.

Thanks for your response!

What kind of features are different?

The comparison chart will show you. I have neither, but I have an earlier DL series which is more like the PR series.

Any of the above will let you do all, except this one. The only way to enable friends to have access to your drive contents is through the MyCloud app/website and to give then your UserID and Password… not very advisable!