The Problems With MyCloud EX4

When we bought a MyCloud, we were expecting it to replace dropbox. We got the EX4 because we thought it was the same as all the others, but with more drive slots. It was more expensive, so obviously it had to have more features, right?

Wrong. Despite it’s name, this product is not what it seems. You’re better off buying any old NAT and your own DNS server, and setting it up the old-fashioned way. Unlike cheaper “MyCloud” models, the EX4 is not really accessible outside of your home network, except for a crappy app, that doesn’t actually let you do anything. If your on Windows, it’s not AS bad as on Mac OS X, because Windows Explorer **bleep** too, however the WD app is even worse. And no, the app doesn’t have a “Mount Remote Drive” button. That would be to convient.

"But what about the “Open in Explorer” option on" , you ask. Well sorry, but WD couldn’t even provide us that acceptable solution. Notice how the documentation and advertising for the EX4 seems to avoid discussing the features of WD2GO? That’s because they’re non-existent with an EX4!

Then there’s the mobile app. Maybe that redeems it? The Dropbox app is incredible, after all. Nope. Firstly, the WD mobile app is kind-of ugly. But it’s also quite feature-lacking. While you can download PNG files to your camera roll, or store select files locally by favoriting them in the Dropbox mobile app, you can’t even view a PSD file, play a MOV or MPEG file, or listen to an MP3 or M4A file in the WD mobile app.

However… Remote Access can be done… The hard way. If you want to access your MyCloud remotely, all you need is a router, a computer, and a DDNS service. Get your external IP address, and set up your DDNS service with it. Set up the router to port forward any ports you want (or all ports) from the WD MyCloud, and make sure it’s local IP is static. Now set up the computer to automatically update your external IP with the DDNS service whenever it changes. Now just access the friendly domain name you set up with your DDNS service in your file browser, and you have access to your WD MyCloud! And if you have a problem, you can just remote desktop to the computer to access the local network and fix it. Also to access the configuration remotely, you can forward port 80 (HTTP) from the MyCloud to an external port of your choosing, and type in a colon and then that port after your friendly domain name in your web browser.

Hi Pecacheu, sorry to hear you have run into some issues. We have forwarded your case to support? I’m sure they can help you with all of your concerns. Please check your private messages. 

Peacheu, I dont want to sound like a bad person but I also bought the EX4 to replace for my company google drive. I had lots of hope for this product but if you look through my post on this forum I lost that very quickly. This product int he nicest terms possible is a piece of junk. It lacks some of the most basic features that WD reps say are left out because of security reasons. I simple ask myself that if every other NAS maker puts them in why cant WD. My recommendation is to look for another product! If you are within your return date I would hurry and send it back. If you are not(which was the case for me) I would advice to bite the bullet and move to another company. For me I went with Synology DS414 which is a 4 bay nas that is decades ahead of what WD has done with the EX4. Remote access, FTP, better management abilities, and multiple apps based on items(music, movies, files, and torrent) are all separate and work outside the network. Quick connect which is Synology’s way of not having customers deal with port forwarding is AMAZING and works from almost anywhere I have used it. (only tiem it didnt work was on a computer insight a leed platinum data center, but when I entered the ip address manually it worked so could have just been the browser idk). It took a lot for me to bite the bullet but after looking at your post I just felt liek I wanted to respond(1st time since I left wd) because I was in the same boat. WD promised all these amazing features and make their webapge looks like it works without any hassle, but in reality you have to spend hours on the phone with level 2 support to get it to half work.  

Best of luck with your decision!

PS. one flaw that I overlooked with the DS414 is it is not capable of bridging multiple units. One of Synologys NAS features is if you have two or more NAS devices you can essentially bridge them to expand the overall diskspace (up to 180TB). So if you are looking longterm I would consider this when looking at NAS devices. I was not since I bought mine right around the launch of 6TB drives and decided I would buy a whole new unit with 6Tb drives in it when the time comes. 

By the way, I do want to say that the WD EX4 is a great NAS. It’s just that it doesn’t do what we bought it for. Although, WD kind-of has a history for that. We’ve bought many differant things from WD in the past, so I would know. Also the Network UPS feature doesn’t work, so don’t bother. Doesn’t even work if you plug the UPS into the USB port on the back of the drive.

FYI, here’s the original problem illistrated in pictures…

What SHOULD happen:

What WILL happen:

Pecacheu - looking at the pictures gives me no clue what your problem is…perhaps it’d have been better if you explained a bit more in detail.

you cant open on windows explorer ??

Since the pictures wern’t very descriptive, here it is in a less confusing flow chart format…

Aah, okay, now I see what your issue is. For some users, like me, who never installed the app, we have no idea what the app does (and hence looking at the app screens gave me no idea about the issue)…we went other routes to access our data remotely and directly by using FTP, WebDAV, etc.

I do see your point. The thing I don’t like about using relay service is that if is down, your access method is at the mercy of WD fixing their service, even though your device at your home/office is perfectly accesible. That’s why some folks use WebDAV, which is a bit more user-friendly than FTP…but both of which are available remotely. Yes, you do need to set up port forwarding on your home/office router and that’s perhaps the only technical thing one has to do…and may not be trivial for some…but if you are willing to go past that hurdle and file access is what you want, then the payoff of those methods compared to relay method is higher.