HDHomeRun Connect Duo and My Cloud Home



I’m unable to get the My Cloud Home I just purchased to work with the HDHomeRun Connect Duo. Can you confirm for me that it is not possible to get them to work together so I can stop trying and do something productive? I’m going crazy here trying to get them to work together. Is it possible to turn the My Cloud Home into a DVR with any TV tuner product on the market? If so, please advise which one(s) it will work with. This should be easier. Reminds me of the wild west days of when WiFi first hit the market. Impossible at first, but wait it out a few years and it’ll intelligently configure itself. I just want my expensive My Cloud Home to work as a DVR. The HDHomeRun suggested WD products, so I bought the best WD product I could find. Please tell me I didn’t make a mistake. I don’t need a hard drive for any other purpose. I just want a DVR. I can go back to Silicon Dust and inform them WD’s My Cloud Home does in fact not work with their product if I can confirm it. You know - help set expectations appropriately for the current state of the technology. I just have a feeling they weren’t meant to be matched up.



In order to support HDHomeRun, any NAS (like the My Cloud product line such as the PR2100/PR4100) must run some form of Linux and support enabling SSH.

The My Cloud Home and My Cloud Duo do not support SSH.


Well, that’s about $300 gone to waste? Is there ANY suggestion from WD on
how to get the My Cloud Home to work as a DVR?


I just don’t understand why WD would introduce a large hard drive for the consumer market that doesn’t support DVR functionality. It’s an 8TB drive for $300 from Best buy. How could that much space be consumed at home if not using it as a DVR? I’m just trying to figure out how to turn this into a positive experience. I’m just not seeing it’s usefulness. How does an 8TB My Cloud Home add value to my life? Why would I want one if it means no DVR support? Can WD add SSH? Maybe a firmware update? Seems like a really big ommission for consumers. Maybe it was an oversight? A regression? I just don’t get why that feature would be provided and then in the latest and greatest consumer product be forgotten. Doesn’t make sense at all.


Plex is in the App Store and uses the HDHomeRuns for its DVR. I also heard that the guys at GetChannels will have a DVR for this device in January, after its approved in WDs store. The only downside for them is their lack of a Windows/Xbox client.


Got it!