My Cloud vs My Cloud Home vs My Cloud Ex2 Ultra


I’m completely new to the topic and looking into buying my first WD My Cloud setup. I tried comparing spec sheets, but I’m still not completely sure what the differences are between the different My Cloud options. From reading the forums I already understand that I probably shouldn’t go the MC Home route (slow, unreliable), but I really would love to understand the differences between the “old” My Cloud and the My Cloud Ex2 Ultra. The My cloud Mirror seems to be discontinued?

What I want:

  • access files from everywhere with multiple devices, hence a cloud approach
  • automatic mirroring - hence a Duo
  • Timemachine backups that don’t last days (read in some reviews regarding the home)

When looking on Amazon, all I seem to find are the Home and the Ex2.

Thank you for any help/advice :slight_smile:

You have done homework and found that issues with the Home devices are enough reasons to not get one. Good conclusion for most people. Did you also learn the the original My Cloud line was discontinued over a year ago and the replacement line is the Home devices?

You are left with selecting the EX2 Ultra NAS device or the Top end PR NAS series. although the PR series is a bit faster (for more money, of course.) Either will work fine and your decision is between these series and drive capacity you need. Most home users do not need to Mirror (or use a RAID config.