MyCloud Mirror vs My Cloud regular

I would like to know if it is worth getting a MyCloud Mirror to replace my current MyCloud device. I keep having issues with it. Also Since you get to put an authentic NAS drives into the MyCloud Mirror. I believe it will work better.

Also Should I get the regular MyCloud mirror or a My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra

Unless I’m mistaken, both the My Cloud Mirror and the single-drive My Cloud use the same WD RED drives.

The reason I am asking is because. every time I go onto my Cloud app to access files form my cell. I keep getting device is offline and it is not. Once I get home. I can access the application with no issues since I am on home wi-fi

It sounds like cloud access is not working. There could be several different reasons it is not working. See the knowledge base article below that has the common reasons

I did the troubleshooting and unchecked UNP in my router. Now for some reason when I go to My Cloud website and log in. I get a No device found. Makes no sense. I even did a shut down last night and boot ti back up. Should I just reaplce MyCloud device with a MY CLOUD EXPERT SERIES EX2 ULTRA device?