Why can't I update my playlist in Mycloud which I copied from Windows Media Player

Hi there!
I’ve recently spent hours downloading all of my CDs onto Windows Media Player (WMP) and creating playlists within WMP. I’ve now copied all my music across into WD Mycloud including the playlists, however, I am now unable to edit these playlists (on my pc or android phone). They appear on WD Mycloud with a file extension of “.wpl”.
I’m thinking that the only solution is to delete and re-add the playlist from WMP every time I make a change - but this does not seem an efficient way of doing this - can anyone help?

Ps - worth noting I’m not particularly technically minded and only just getting used to this.

How are you accessing the playlists?
Using a media client and accessing the Twonky DLNA media server? (clue: you won’t be able to edit them using this method)
Or using a file manager or media manger accessing the file server? (clue: you should be able to edit them using this method).

What are you trying to use to edit the playlists?

Not sure I understand - possibly due to my lack of experience/knowledge
I am accessing through the WD MyCloud “app” within the music element on my laptop and my android phone. Amongst the folders for each CD I have downloaded is a folder called “playlists”. When I open this my playlists titles appear with “wpl” as the file extension and a question mark in the icon for each one. When I click on them it trys to open something called “Groove Music” without success???

Have you used the forum search feature to find past discussions on creating Playlists for use on the My Cloud? Here are a few past discussions:

The My Cloud app may not support Windows Media Player Playlists, that’s why you are seeing the WPL extension and when you open it, Groove tries (unsuccessfully) open the Windows Media Player Playlist.

Generally playlists end with the “.m3u” file extension. To have Windows Media Player save a playlist to M3U you can select List Options then select Save list as option. Then change the Save as type to M3U. Then see if a DLNA client program will play the playlist on the My Cloud.

If you are accessing at home, don’t use the app; it isn’t needed. You can access it using Windows file explorer. Especially if you map it as a network drive; download and read the user manual.

Groove music is the windows 10 music player. I’m sure there is some help about it, or Google will help you out.

Many thanks for the responses - I’ll give it a go!