Renaming Playlist Problem

When I rename Playlist, then attempt to open list the following error appears: “Failure to update Playlist. Try again”. After exiting then re-entering My Cloud, Playlist name reverts to original name and files become accessible. Any ideas?

What app’s playlist?
Where is it stored?
How are you accessing it?
How are you trying to rename it?

In My Cloud Public folder I’ve created a sub folder titled Playlists, see attached.


Second shot is actually original file. Then renamed to First List. Selecting right click on file offers rename menu option.

Have you tried modifying it with a file manager? Rather than with the WD App?

Is that the WD desktop app, or the WD mobile app?

I’m afraid I don’t use any WD software (other than occasional use of the Mobile app), so I’m not familiar with whether it supports filename changes. I use better, third party software wherever possible.

Using WD desktop app. Playlists are compiled from files previously uploaded to My Cloud.

As you can see, renaming wasn’t an issue since I was able to do it on several lists.

You’re recommending creating list separate from My Cloud then uploading? If I have to I guess that’s what I’ll do.

I’m not recommending anything; just trying to explore your problem. For instance, trying to determine if the renaming problem is a problem with the Mobile app, or with the file itself; hence the suggestion to try renaming with a proper file management tool (File Explorer).

My suspicion is that the problem lies with the Mobile app; possibly getting confused by the multiple ‘My Playlist(x).m3u’ files, though I can see not good reason why the (x) should cause it a problem.

I can see a number of playlists, with different names, but I have no idea how those playlists were created or named. You successfully renamed them in the Mobile app, then?

This is sounding more like a software problem than a MyCloud problem. Maybe the s/w forum would be a better place to ask?

I appreciate your assistance.

I’m not using Mobile app; accessing My Cloud via desktop.

When creating Playlists, the default names start “My Playlist”, then sequentially numbered. “Rippingtons”, etc were initially named “My Playlist”, then renamed from menu as indicated above. All were created from within My Cloud from the same Music folder.


Are you accessing remotely?

If accessing locally, stop using the desktop app, and use proper software (File Explorer or Finder, and whatever your favourite media manager/player is). Only use WD software if you really must (e.g. remote access), because it really isn’t very good.

See the user manual for how to map shares as network drives (locally). These will then act like local disks on your computer, and can be accessed by any software you like. i.e. use the MyCloud as the NAS that it is (assuming you don’t have the crippled MyCloud Home).

Ok, I’ll give it a try. Thank you.