Networking music from WD Mycloud

Good day all,

Just wondering if you can help me in plain English as i’m not great with PC’s. I have all my music now stored on my Mycloud and im getting rid of my PC and just using a laptop and smart phones. Is there a simple way to create playlists that can easily be accessible from all devices as ive read you maybe limited to the PC you create the playlist on? I normally would use itunes and have a Sync app on my phone but now its all on Mycloud i need to come up with a new way to access and sync with out having everything on my phone.


ps. I do not own an iphone or any other apple products!

Most music playing software will allow you to create playlists and if you store them on your cloud drive (in the folders where the music is, usually) then you can use those playlists on any device using the same music software, and often using different playback software that can read those playlists.

For example I use AIMP3 software on my desktops to create playlists that I store on my WDMyCloud and then playback those lists on my tablet using the Android version of AIMP3.