Which way is best for plex on PR2100


Ok I admit I have very little knowledge on this, so handle me with care !!
Is it better to upload files onto my PR2100 first and then onto the Plex app or is it best to go straight to Plex?
I thought the Plex app just took the Meta data from your storage and then converted it when required, or does the Plex app mirror your stored data?
I guess I need to know if I upload everything onto the PR2100 and then to Plex am I just taking up storage space or not, which is the best way ?

from a perPLEXed jimbobjones


I really don’t know what others will tell you, but I just loaded my media data onto the MC NAS from my source storage (eg, my PC and other drives connected to PC) so I could access it from devices. Many months later I installed PLEX on the NAS. When I ran it first time, Plex scanned the NAS for music and video. I doubt that it copied the data again. I don’t even know what “copying data to plex” means. I always copy new data to NAS


Thanks for the reply mike27oct.
In the past I have used Plex on my Mac, I had to log into Plex and set individual search parameters for it to get various types of media.


I never installed Plex on a computer so have no opinion or comment on its function. Works fine on my NAS. All my devices find the media. I can even ask Alexa to ask Plex to play music from my NAS and random tracks play or I can even ask for an artist.and music will play into my stereo or Roku on TV.


Learning quickly that setting up Plex on WD pr2100 is most probably a little easier than I first thought