NAS/Plex question

Hello everyone. I’m am new here and very new to NAS. I purchased WD PR2100 and waiting for my disk drives to arrive before I can get it setup. I’m also waiting for my new Windows laptop to arrive before I can transfer all files from my 12 year old Mac. Yes I went from Windows to Mac 12 years ago and I’m now going back to Windows. I’m so out of touch in the computer world.
So is Plex already installed in my PR2100? I’m new to Plex as well. No clue. Right now I’m going through my iTunes library and moving them over to an external hard drive while waiting for the laptop to arrive. So my music library is all over the place. Not organized at all. I’m sure I have duplicates and some with 3 or 4 of the same. Songs not in any albums, etc. Do I need to organize my music library before I transfer them to the NAS? Or does Plex do that for me? Again I have no clue. If I need to organize my library is there an easy way to do that? A program or trick/tip? Thx.

HELLO buddy welcome first and foremost Plex is on the NAS but you would need to download the app to it once you do you’ll set it up there’s a lot of videos on YouTube explaining how to do it setting up your NAS drive and your plex together as for your music I would take some time and put it in a folder I’m not too sure if there are any programs or apps that would help you organize it but my guess it would be something out there ill look for something for you any questions please let me know so we can get everything set up for you I also own the WD Pr2100 an use Plex on it

also plex will let you know when there is an update available its easy to update just go to plex website sign in download the update once its on your computer go to the WD website sign in go to apps then go to download manually select the plex file you just downloaded and you’ll be done

PS this is ONLY for firmware version My Cloud OS 3
if you update if to My Cloud OS 5 I don’t know how to update it because I don’t use it yet way to many bugs for me but that’s just my personal views please do some research before you make your decisions to update I’m not sure if yours will come with it or not any question feel free to ask

Thank you for the information. I’m waiting for the laptop to show up. But the disk are coming today. I may go ahead and setup the NAS with the Mac. I got most of my music files transferred over to a external hard drive ready for the Nas. I have to do the same for my photos. It took 7 hrs yesterday to transfer 600gb of music from Mac to hard drive.