Need Help: PR2100 & Plex Media Server

Hopefully I’m posting this in the right spot. All the categories were confusing.

So heres my issue. Im running a PR2100 NAS with my Macbook. I had the Plex media server installed on it for a month or so but when I updated the app I had nothing but issues. SO, I deleted the app and removed all the libraries from my plex account. I figured an entire restart would help. Once I did that, here are my exact steps:

  1. Open the My Cloud dashboard using the IP address.
  2. Log In
  3. Click on the “Apps” tab
  4. Scroll down to the “Plex Media Server” app
  5. Click Install
  6. Install was successful
  7. Scroll back up and click on Plex Media Server on the left hand column
  8. Click on “Configure”
  9. Plex website automatically opens with the URL starting with the same numbers as the IP of the hard drive
  10. I log in to my newly created account (I decided to delete the first one to start over)
  11. The Plex home page shows up like usual (with none of my content)
  12. I go to the left hand column and click on “Your Media”
  13. Nothing is there except a page that says “Add Your Media to Plex” with a button under it that says “Get Plex Media Server”
  14. It takes me to a page where I can download the server.
  15. I select the one for the WD hard drive and try to install it in the hard drive again but it is literally the exact same thing over and over and over.

I have no idea what to do. Normally after step 8 it should pop up with a screen asking you what folders you want to add to your Plex library but it doesnt do that anymore. All the videos I watched online show the same thing happening but it doesnt do that on my end. I’m genuinely stumped. Ive been dealing with this problem for months now and I have yet to find a solution so I decided to ask you guys. Please help!


and another bump

Hi Andrew,
I’m having that same issue now, any luck on a solution?