Help... Amazon Alexa, Playing either Plex or iTunes library from PR2100

Hi Everyone, be great to get some info if this can be done?
I have a PR2100 with a backup of my mac on that has an itunes folder. I have enabled the itunes feature on the PR2100 and also use the same itunes folder to run my Plex music. All great and works perfect.

We have recently purchased an Amazon Alexa and wondering if there is a way I can set things up to ask Alexa to play from either my iTunes or Plex library on my PR2100?
I know there are lots of songs on Amazon but not all and I have plenty of local band music in my personal library that will never be available on Amazon.

Is there a way to set up or is there an app I can install that will then let Alexa access my PR2100 music library?

Thanks so much for any help

Search the form for Alexa. there are a number of past discussions that cover using Alexa to access Plex and play media stored on a My Cloud. Also you may want to see the dedicated subforum for the PR series to see if there is any specific discussion for that unit.

I have a Bose SoundTouch speaker that I play my music to. Have you checked to see what apps (skills) are available to use and play music with Alexa?

You may want to ask your question here too.

If you have the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone have you looked at Skills and searched for the Plex skill?

Thank you so much for the replies. I am already controlling Plex on the PS4 with Alexa. (Plex skill installed)
Its kind of the other way round so the music comes out of the good speaker rather than the TV.
I am trying to see if Alexa can access my plex/itunes (both same) library on PR2100
I have the Alexa hooked up to my Bose speakers via Bluetooth.

Thank so much guys.

One of the links above is one of mine of a month or two ago. If I may say so myself, it is a very thorough set of instructions and experiences of setting tt all up, and it works well, Enjoy.

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