Can I just take out drives to upgrade from DL2100 to PR2100?

Hi I stupidly purchased a DL2100 without doing research that the PR2100 can run Plex much better. I already have all my media copied across to drives on DL2100 so if I upgraded to PR2100 can I just take out drives from one and put in other with no hassle? Will it just work?

I do not believe this will work. They are different units with different operating systems and different RAID controllers and firmware.

Don’t give up on your DL2100 just yet. I have an 8TB DL2100 that runs Plex just fine for my purposes. Installing the extra 4GB additional RAM card is essential for best performance, and cost was just $20 from Amazon.

I have not bought all the Plex add-on features, as I don’t need or want them. I do not want Plex to transcode on the fly, so it only works with mp4/m4v videos. I also have WDTV media players, and they beat the heck out of Plex for playing all kinds of video files and most importantly, iso files. For my devices that do not have WDTV attached, an installed ($40) FireTV stick with the free Kodi app installed plays all my videos (incl. iso files) from my DL flawlessly. Music, player is good too.

For playing mp4 videos from my DL (either at home or remotely) on an iPad, I find the My Cloud app’s video player does the job fine (and with no added costs).

My opinion of Plex is it is “overrated and overblown” so I basically don’t use it since I have much better ways to play music and videos from my NAS than with Plex.

You should be fine, all your doing is a raid swap…you just have to be certain that you put the drives in the same way they come out. Just make sure drive 1 goes into the new units first bay and so on.

I asked a similar question about a DL4100. I was informed that once the drives are transferred, to perform a system only reset and manually put in the desired configuration and all should be fine. That all the shared on the RAID will be retained. I’ll have to find the message and confirm. I was someone from WD who gave me this answer.

I was excited to see I can take my hard drives over to the pr4100 from ex4100. what “state” does the pr4100 have to be in, as I have already initialized it and formatted 4 drives in the way I like which is jbod just same as ex4100. Should I take the existing hard drives out of the pr4100 and set back to factory? I would have them both powered down for the swap.

Much appreciate any help you can give