Upgrading to PR4100 from PR2100 and have some questions!

Hi Everyone. It’s been 9 months since I purchased my PR2100 for using as a plex server & a personal NAS.

In that time I’ve become extremely keen on not only the interface but the WD brand and this NAS’s capabilities when it comes to transcoding. Today I purchased a PR4100 (Diskless) to upgrade from my PR2100 (no reason, just future proofing).

What my question is…

  1. can I simply remove my existing JBOD drives 2x3TB WD RED and place them in the new system?
  2. Are all my apps stored on the drives or on the hardware?
  3. I’ve read recently about people using SSH to check various things, how do I access SSH? (I know how to turn it on).

Thanks guys!

I appreciate your reply as it’s proved helpful.

As my new bay supports 4 drives (and I currently own 2) is it possible to install my current 2 as JBOD and set the other 2 up as RAID (whichever RAID I choose). Eventually I plan on getting rid of the 2 JBOD drives and adding them to the RAID whenever funds allow. I’ll be looking into buying 4 x wd red 10TB over time for the NAS