My cloud P2100

HI, i have some questions regarding the PR2100 series (i don’t have much experience with nas devices). right now i am running a plex server on an old gaming laptop, but would like to migrate to a nas device. i have spent alot of time comparing devices and i found this one to be the best for my needs.I have a couple questions before i drop the money for this.

  1. i have 2 8tb sata drives and was wondering if the device would recognize both drives as one or if it would only see 1 (as a raid 1 i think). i would like to have the full (or close to it) capacity available.
  2. how would i transfer the data from another USB external drive. i’ve watched videos that said you xfer via the network. trying to xfer 8tb (my entire dvd/bluray library) would take forever.

You posted in the EX series not the PR series forum. Nevertheless, anyone with an advanced WD NAS can answer this.

Question: Are you thinking of inserting these two drives into a diskless PR2100 case? They have a lot of data on them,correct?

If so, the data on the drives would be deleted if you set them up in the NAS, and I don’t think that’s what you want to have happe, is it?

Thebest course of action is to buy the PR2100 populated with WD Red drives or put then in yourself and then copy the data on the other drives to the NAS. They would become your backups of your NAS.

Based upon your reply, we will or will not continue on from there/

thanks for your expertise and sorry for the late reply. yes my plan is to take my 2 empty wd 8tb drives and put them into a diskless nas. i have about 10tb worth of data that i would need to transfer from a 16tb backup. i was worried that i would have to transfer via the network.