Which Volume is on Which Drive? (JBOD)

I put my EX4 on line a few years ago and have updated a few of the disks.
I did not take and notes as to which JBOD volume is on which drive.
They are not in order due to the update.
Is there an easy way to find the mapping?
If not, I guess I have to pull them one, reboot and check the volume numbers available.
I assume the volume number stays the same, even if a lower number is removed. Is this correct.
Does anyone know if it matters that the go beck in the same slots.
I would like to remount 2 drives and use the two open slots to create a RAID 1 array.

Seems there shoudl be a managment function that shows logical to physical mapping, but I can’t find such.

Hello N_Jay,

As the drives were configured in JBOD, each drive represents separate logical volume hence they can be connected on any of the port.

So you can just remount the drives which were configured in JBOD and setup the RAID with other two drives,

I solved the JBOD problem by pulling the drives one at a time and seeing which volume went away.
From that I was able to determine which physical drive I emptied when I cleaned out 2 JBOD volumes.
So then I put the two empty drives in slots 1 and 2 and formatted them as RAID1.
The system named it Volume_1.
When I put back a JBOD with data, it was also Volume_1, so the box updated the RAID1 array to be Volume_2.

Can RAID drives also be moved around?

Hello N_Jay,

If your device fails and drives are working fine(which are configured in RAID) then you can certainly move your drives to a new enclosure. It can be achieved by “RAID Roaming”. You only need to keep the order of drives. Put the drives into the new enclosure and then power up the device. Wait until the OS has booted and check the IP address device. Connect to the IP address and open the web interface(Dashboard) of the NAS device, and follow the instructions on screen.

You can also refer to the link below:

OK, so I just have to keep the same order. That is good to know.

Seems that JBOD “roaming” is what I did.