Newbie JBOD Question

I am curios that if i configure my DL4100 HDD disk in JBOD and since i have 4 disk ,make 4 separate volumes
if one disk fails only one volume is lost ? and the rest of the volume can continue as before
or all data across 4 volumes will not be accessible ?

more importantly if in a case of one disk failure ,can i change one disk and remake one volume separately (and copy the lost data to it from my back up)
or if i try to re-make the failed volume and change the damaged disk ,DL4100 automatically tries to erase all data in all 4 drives and remake all 4 volume again?

i have tried to find the answer by google search but i only could find that in case of JBOD and one single volume if one disk fails there is noway that like RAID you can hot swap the disk and if you change the disk your NAS will erase all data to remake the volume

so my main question is what will happen to other volumes in this case?

thanks in advance

Hi, welcome to the community. To answer your questions:

If you have it in JBOD and one drive fails, you will only lose the data that its inside that volume and the other 3 volumes will be able to work properly.

If one of the drive in the enclosure fails, you can change it and the RAID controller will add the new drive to the RAID and you can then restore from backup from that volume.

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